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If you or someone you love is suffering from a medical condition that will requires at home nursing or therapy treatment, compassionate home health care may be the right choice. When aggressive treatments and life-prolonging interventions aren’t suitable, hospice care can provide patients greater levels of comfort in an environment that respects the end-of-life process. Families in the Texas area choose Summit Home Health & Hospice in Texas for its wide range of high-quality services to support the both the in-home health care for those needing ongoing medical assistance, as well as end-of-life transition for the terminally ill person and their entire family.

Our team understands how important it is to provide compassionate care for ill and elder loved ones while allowing family members to care for themselves and the rest of the household.

What Services Does Summit Home Health & Hospice Provide

Caring for relatives isn’t always possible due to lack of time, space, skills, or the challenges for certain medical conditions. That’s why families turn to home health care and hospice care as a source of care and support. Summit Home Health & Hospice is committed to providing the best possible experience for patients and their families.

These Are Our Services

All the services at Summit Home Health & Hospice in Texas are carefully managed by physicians to cater to a patient and their family’s evolving needs from admission through the discharge in the case of home health, and admission through bereavement support for our hospice patients and their families. Our home health and hospice services in Texas can be residential or in your home.

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